Touristic hiking trail - Via Brattia


Touristic hiking trail - Via Brattia
Hotspots magazine brings us a story about a hiking trail Via Brattia:
VIA BRATTIA is a 140 kms long circular tourist trail that connects numerous setlements on the island of Brač and 12 most attractive island’s cultural and historic locations. 
Besides these 12 locations, VIA BRATTIA will take you through the centers of many pitoresque Brač settlements – Supetar, Mirca, Sutivan, Bobovišća na moru, Ložišća, Bobovišća, Milna, Murvica, Bol, Sumartin, Povlja, Pučišća, Postira, Škrip and to some of the island’s most beautiful beaches and bays – Zlatni rat in Bol, Farska, Murvica, Lovrečina, Smrka, etc. 
Since it is a cicrular trail, marked in both directions, you can hop on it in each of the places mentioned above, simply following the blue and white marks. 
We recommend you to walk it in parts, spending the nights in the towns through which the trail goes. There you can refill your water and food supplies. 
Please have in mind that camping outside of designated camping areas and open fire are both strictly forbidden in Croatia.  In case of any emergency please call 112.
There is a stamp placed at visible spot on every of 12 locations. Put a stamp on an indicated spot on the back page of this map. Have a liquid for a stamp with you. The spot for a stamp is marked with the number of the location on the map.  
Once you visit all the locations and place all the stamps on the indicated spots, you will create the photo of St. George, protector of our island killing the dragon which stands as Brač island’s coat of arms. We recommend you to frame it and have it as a souvenir from this journey and a reminder of this, hopefully, extraordinary experince. 
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