Humanitary cross - Đir oko Bola


Humanitary cross - Đir oko Bola

Humanitary cross "Đir oko Bola" was held on 01.05.2018. There was 150 registered runners, and all of the proceedinngs went to an organization that cares for children with special needs "Brački pupoljci".

The main race was 8 kilometers long where the runners run through entire Bol as well as Zlatni rat.

First 3 places, men:
Peter Kastelic 0:31:33,7
Žiga Macedoni 0:31:57,8
Nik Zobec 0:33:00,8
First 3 places, women:
Ana Šimec 0:36:39,9
Dominika Ahačić 0:38:07,1
Mojca Turčin 0:39:10,2


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