Informative brown panels


Informative brown panels

Bol Tourist Office started a project of making audio guides of Bol, and first QR codes were added to the brown panels.
To the existing three languages; Croatian, English and German, two more were added: Italian and French.
In the first stage QR codes have been made for 17 informative panels.


Calendario degli eventi
24.08.2019. / Sabato
13.09.2019. / Venerdì
15.09.2019. / Domenica
25.09.2019. / Mercoledì
Farewell Summer In the centre, 20:00
12.10.2019. / Sabato
BolSoul 5 Bluesun hotels
19.10.2019. / Sabato
BolSoul 5 Bluesun hotels