585 Club - La Fiesta Show

21.7. Opening Night

585 Club - La Fiesta Show

Located only 5minutes from the peak of the Zlatni rat beach, in the quiet of the woods, club 585 is a place for your night time clubbing. 585 features one large interior floor, upstairs VIP lounge and a grand exterior floor lined with a DJ booth and VIP lounges, that stays intimate during the night and wakes up showered with rays as the sun rises in the morning.With a custom made high tech sound system, powered up by the state-of-the art lightshow, we promise you the clubbing experience to remember.

With a various DJ world-scene names including Paul Barbato, David Morales, The Shapeshiftersa, Zoo Project and daily mainstream house program, spiced up with exotic dance performance, Club 585 is a place for you to seek for your fun, whether you wanna be seen…or never be found!

Grand Opening Night - La Fiesta Show includes DJ Javi Reina, resident DJ from Ibizza Privilege Club, violin virtuoso Miguel Lara and glamorous acrobats from Cirque du Soleil.

Calendario degli eventi
05.06.2020. / Venerdì
06.06.2020. / Sabato
19.06.2020. / Venerdì
20.06.2020. / Sabato
21.06.2020. / Domenica
29.07.2020. / Mercoledì
30.07.2020. / Giovedì
31.07.2020. / Venerdì
01.08.2020. / Sabato
05.08.2020. / Mercoledì
22.08.2020. / Sabato
13.09.2020. / Domenica
08.10.2020. / Giovedì
09.10.2020. / Venerdì
10.10.2020. / Sabato
11.10.2020. / Domenica