Press conference for WTA Croatia Bol Open


Press conference for WTA Croatia Bol Open

Press conference for the WTA Croatia Bol Open was held on 23.05.2018. in Split where the organisers presented the tennis players that will be playing in the tournament, as well as inviting everyone to come to watch and enjoy in top tennis that will be held from 05.06.-10.06. While thanking the local community and all the sponsors, it was pointed out that all of the proceedings of the tickets go for a womans safe house.

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12.08.2020. / Mercoledì
Ana Rucner - concert Beach Borak, 21:00
21.08.2020. / Venerdì
22.08.2020. / Sabato
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13.09.2020. / Domenica
08.10.2020. / Giovedì
09.10.2020. / Venerdì
10.10.2020. / Sabato
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