WTA Croatia Bol Open


WTA Croatia Bol Open

Enoy in a fantastic tournament this year from 05.06.-10.06.

Croatia Bol Open is the only WTA in this part of Europe, and also one of the few that is been held on an island. We are hosting 3 croatian players from TOP100; Petra Martić, Ana Konjuh i Jana Fett, and also Vera Zvonareva, who won the Bol tournament in 2003. All the proccedings go to the safe houses for women.

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25.07.2019. / Donnerstag
26.07.2019. / Freitag
03.08.2019. / Samstag
Željko Bebek & The Band Bluseun tennis court, 21:00
05.08.2019. / Montag
13.09.2019. / Freitag
15.09.2019. / Sonntag
25.09.2019. / Mittwoch
Farewell Summer In the centre, 20:00
12.10.2019. / Samstag
BolSoul 5 Bluesun hotels
19.10.2019. / Samstag
BolSoul 5 Bluesun hotels